Promissory Notes / Savings Bonds

A promissory note refers to a medium-or long-term loan, which is granted pursuant to § 607BGB (German Civil Code), § 344 HGB (German Commercial Code) against a debt instrument. It does not constitute a security, but only embodies the documentary evidence. A transfer is made by assignment. The balance sheet valuation of the debt certificate at an amortized cost can represent an interesting investment aspect for an investor.

KADEGE provides structured and unstructured promissory notes of banks and non-banks as well as savings certificates of savings banks across the entire maturity spectrum. The design of the paper will be matched to your needs.

Promissory notes and savings bonds are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. We will inform you of the amount of the existing deposit guarantee of a bank before closing the deal.

The current valid bank protection limits of an institution may be requested under